Anas, Via Simonini, Franco is looking for the CEO. The scandal of 216 million reimbursements

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Massimo Simonini

There is not only the change of management at the top of the parent company Fs, where the Draghi government wanted the former Terza Luigi Ferraris, o la mission very important in the implementation of the Recovery Plan with the management of funds for the maintenance of roads and highways, but also the case Vito Bonsignore, with millionaire reimbursements granted in record time and without too much discussion to the private entrepreneur for a motorway designed but never built.

All’Anas Massimo Simonini, CEO (from 21 December 2018) already expired and under prorogatio, writes the Messenger, will be replaced by the number one of the Mef Daniele Franco on which the choice depends.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, writes the Roman daily, has the new refunds requested by the Bonsignore companies for Orte-Mestr have already been blockede, reimbursements on which the Court of Auditors will turn on a beacon and which have been requested by the Sicilian entrepreneur able to hang a rule to be deciphered in the decree Milleproroghe 2019 and later in one resolution of the Cipe of 2020, which allows a very dubious shortcut to quickly turn into millions claims of private individuals who are unable to start construction sites, despite having obtained the concession and yes they are busy doing the jobs.

Millions that Anas had to pay out for infrastructure projects planned but never completed not supported by the necessary financial support whose responsibility, recalls the Messenger, is the responsibility of the entrepreneur who assumes the business risk. For the project of the four toll lanes between Ragusa and Catania, Bonsignore has already obtained 36 million in public funds. Now for the Orte-Mestre he asks for 180.

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