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After decades and 60 movies exactly, I’re already supposed to understand where I’m going when I come to see a new Disney movie, so when I got to the new movie from my beloved girlfriend – “Anacanto(Encanto), I pretty much knew what was going to happen in the film even before the first frame started. Was I wrong? No. Does this detract from the experience of Ancanto? Not really.

Ancanto – the plot

Fifty years ago, members of the Madrigal family tried to escape the violence they experienced in the town where they live. During the most difficult moment of the family we discover a magical candle that gave the family and the people with whom they escaped protection in the form of a new and hidden town established in the Columbia Mountains and in the center the magical house of the Madrigal family which gives them protection and needs.

The house and the candle give each family member super powers when they reach adulthood, for all but one – Mirabel (Stephanie Beatrice, Brooklyn 99). But when the house begins to collapse and the magic begins to disappear, the “normal” Mirabel is the only one who can save the family, the town and the magic.

My wonderful family

Ancanto is one of the smaller stories of the studio. It does not take place in huge and cross-continental sets like other films of the company, but mainly in the home of the Madrigal family, dealing mainly with the family members and interactions between them, which are very interesting because each character has her own power and personality. Still feels bigger than life.

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Other helpers to convey the little story are the animated work of the film, which I still do not understand how Disney manages to improve and improve in their films, whose first starting point is amazing anyway, and the music written by Lynn Manuel Miranda, who has already become Disney’s lead music writer. The music to Moana, and of course the successful musical “Hamilton”. You can notice his little nuances in every song and song in the film, and as a fan of Hamilton, I personally very much enjoy his music and Ancanto is no different – not at the level of songs stuck in our heads like “Let it Go” or “You’re Welcome”, but still very Fun.

The same lady in the magic change

However, and as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, when I get to a Disney movie I already more or less know what’s going to happen – the characters will be shown, one who is a little different and does not feel in her place, something will upset her and she will embark on a journey of discovery. And those around her anew and realize that she is the only one who has undermined herself and everything will be amazing again.

AnCanto does not bring with it a new line in the really familiar Disney formula, but it does introduce us to interesting concepts that I’m not sure if I’ve seen in Disney movies, like social rejection or stress resistance and the feeling that the whole world is on your shoulders (and come on, who’s never felt that way ?). It’s nice to see the company deal with slightly more mature concepts, even though I’m still waiting for a Disney movie that breaks the rules and looks completely different from the company’s movies we’re used to, but I also know it probably will not happen because that’s their formula and it works, so why change what Not spoiled?

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Ancanto (courtesy of Film Forum)

Bottom line – what we thought of Ancanto

Ultimately Ancanto is a new Disney movie, so with all that entails – anyone who loves the company’s movies will enjoy and be sucked for two hours into a magical world, full of color and songs. And whoever does not, probably will not go to see it anyway and that’s fine, because we’ll probably get another movie in a few months that is not going to be much different, but that’s the magic of Disney and it always worked and probably always will work.

“Ancanto” is available in theaters starting on Thursday, 11/25/2021.


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