Ancelotti’s forceful response against Gil Marín

Ancelotti’s forceful response against Gil Marín

2023-09-27 21:50:36

Real Madrid finished and finished in the first half against Las Palmas, but the goal did not come until the end of the first half, in a shot by Brahim, who also slightly touched a rival defender. «There is room to improve aim. The coach has to look for solutions and individual qualities. The focus was to push hard and not save energy and give everything. “The forward, like this, lacks freshness in finishing,” Ancelotti excused his forwards. In the end, in addition to Brahim, Joselu scored, who had tried without stopping. “Brahim and Joselu have contributed many things to the team, we have created danger because of the quality they both have,” Carlo Ancelotti insisted.

On the other hand, Rodrygo did not score: «We have to continue giving Rodrygo confidence, but he gave a fantastic assist to Joselu, he contributed enough in the game. The goal will come when you don’t think about scoring goals. With the quality he has, he will arrive,” predicted the Madrid coach. The goal is the best cure against everything: «The direct pass is the best option if you can make a one-on-one against the goalkeeper. With the defensive line high you can look for a direct pass. “I’m not a super fan of possession, I’m a super fan of goals,” he continued.

Ancelotti knew that it was essential to forget the match against Atlético de Madrid as soon as possible. «We have tried to start strong to avoid problems and not concede too soon. We have pressed high to recover many balls,” he described. He didn’t want what happened in other games to happen, when Real Madrid conceded goals very quickly. It was not the day to go with that slab. The match against Atlético was still present. It was also in Miguel Ángel Gil’s head: “Real Madrid adulterates the competition, they create an unbearable climate for the referees,” said the owner of the red-and-white club. “He made a big mistake,” Carlo Ancelotti responded without any doubt.

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