Ancient words come out in the open in a town in Toledo

Ancient words come out in the open in a town in Toledo

2023-05-30 09:25:59

The objective of the street dictionary is “to give added value to the town and make it an attraction for locals and strangers”, the creator of the project, David García, who launched the project more than 4 years ago, highlighted in statements to EFE. .

The project is based on the language used by the ancestors of this town and with which they have “managed to build a street dictionary with the words that, at the state level are very little used or even unknown that, for the residents of the town, keep a such an endearing and familiar sense”, he assured.

In this sense, one of the residents, Félix Posaero, explained to EFE that the idea arose as a result of following in the footsteps of other towns that had their streets decorated with graffiti murals of typical prints of those towns, moving it to Aldeanueva (or Aldeanovita , as its neighbors also call it), but it was unfeasible.

“For this reason, it was decided to recover a tradition, based on very typical words from here,” said this neighbor, to which the promoter of the idea added: “They have always attracted attention, especially the youngest , the words that our parents and grandparents use every day. His way of expressing himself and speaking. For this reason, doing something so ours and intangible came together, making it visible and at the same time making the town a more beautiful place”.


The initiative consists of three steps to follow: the first one is to choose one of the more than 350 that make up the dictionary, with the exception of those already chosen, the second one is to choose the location and support where the word is going to be installed.

The terms are accompanied by their corresponding meaning, for this reason they can only be placed on doors with smooth surfaces. In addition, each neighbor must choose if she wants it to be bigger or smaller and if she wants it to be white or black.

The last step is to pay eight euros that correspond to the cost of the vinyl, while the installation is free.

And, thanks to these three steps, at the gates of this town you can read words like “Achiscar: light the fire”, “Andarríos: street person”, “Golienda: action of snooping around to snoop on some fact”, “Mangaloso: fruit past ripening and unpleasant taste” and “Agilar: encourage to walk quickly”, among other terms.

“They are not only words, but they want to make the people participate in it,” detailed Posaero, who has reported that guided tours are carried out in which the words are exposed in a much more extensive meaning than what can be seen.

Likewise, Posaero has affirmed that the words that make up the dictionary “have never been lost in the town” and, in addition, with the initiative “many that were very much in disuse have flourished.”


In this sense, Posaero has highlighted the echo that the project is having, since the increase in visits and the interest of citizens have been noted. “In addition, the initiative contributes to curing the conscience and to value what we have, because, even if it is little, it is interesting,” he pointed out.

For his part, the mayor of Aldeanueva de San Bartolomé, Ángel de Bodas López, has asserted: “The initiative is noticeable in the town, especially on weekends is when more people come” and has pointed out that an economy has been generated around to the people, because the businesses notice it.

“I think it is a very good and stupendous initiative,” said De Bodas, who stressed that “the goal is to fill all the doors with words,” and celebrated that, to this day, they continue to be posted regularly.

Similarly, Posaero has stated that the town has welcomed the project very well: “The speech of our ancestors is recovered and flourishes, since everything we are we owe to them.”

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