And if Orbán’s farewell to the EPP opens a passage for Salvini’s League? –


BERLIN A hot corpse, that is, as soon as he announced the release of his Fidesz from the popular group in Strasbourg, Matteo Salvini wrote to Viktor Orbn, to express his friendship and closeness with the Hungarian people. A not entirely disinterested gesture: if Orbn decided to marry the 12 Fidesz deputies in the Identit and Democracy group, which also includes the Lega, the nationalist far right would find itself well strengthened in the European Parliament.

But Salvini’s exit seems rather a conditioned reflex, like Pavlov’s dog, as if the Northern League leader were to testify once again his sovereign faith, in spite of the new Zeitgeist. If, on the other hand, we look beyond appearances, it is clear that Orbn’s exit from the EPP could have important and even surprising effects on European equilibrium in the short, medium and long term.

And not only because the Hungarian tribune is much more likely to look to the group of European Conservatives and Reformists than to find themselves in the company of untouchables, such as Marine Le Pen or Afd Germans, all members of Identit and Democracy. But above all because in the long term his exit from the EPP could paradoxically facilitate the impossible: that is, the arrival of the League in the popular family. Not for tomorrow. And not to be taken for granted. But if Salvini were up to date with the payments of the pro-European policy stipulated with the support of the Draghi government, the process of evolution of the League could also cross the EPP’s need to make a purchase campaign after Fidesz’s defection, so as not to see his vocation threatened. majority in the European Parliament. It can be and difficult to think that after getting rid of Viktor Orbn, the popular will put Matteo Salvini at home, strongly opposed by the Nordic front. But unlike the Hungarian premier, always locked in his sovereign fort, the League is moving in a direction that is not hostile to Europe. Even in spite of the reflexes of his charismatic leader.

March 4, 2021 (change March 4, 2021 | 11:36)

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