Andrea Jeremiah: Andrea Jeremiah in the bathtub soap foam: Photo capturing the likes! – actress andrea jeremiah bathtub photo goes viral

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After the success of the film Psycho, Mishkin stepped down while directing Detective 2 starring Vishal. The actor then left the film due to bitterness with Vishal. Following this he is currently directing the film ‘Devil 2’ starring Andrea.

The Devil movie directed by Mishkin was well received by the fans. Following this, Mishkin is currently in the process of directing Devil 2. The screenplay for this film is set mainly with Andrea. Poorna and Rajkumar Pichmani are also starring in the film. The film is produced by Rockford Entertainment. Karthik Raja composes the music.

Actress Andrea’s photo shared on her Instagram page has gone viral on the internet. In this photo taken by him in the bathroom, Andrea poses with soap foam in the bathtub. This photo is currently accumulating likes.

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News broke on social media that Andrea had starred in some scenes without clothes in the movie Devil 2. The first look poster of the film also featured Andrea with bloody legs in the bathtub with her legs unknowingly lying face upside down and holding a cigarette in her hand. This poster is notable for being viral on the internet.

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