Andreapol artists took part in the plein air in the Central Forest Reserve

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From October 1 to October 3, an open-air was held in the Central Forest Biosphere State Reserve, in which the artists Yu.A. Nikonorov from Zapadnaya Dvina, E.B. Efimov from Andreapol, R.A. Ivanov from Andreapol together with his daughter Sophia and V. Linkevich, director of the Andreapol Museum of Local Lore.

During these three days, the participants enjoyed the beauty of nature and the hospitable atmosphere, and also took several excursions along the ecotrail and to the local museum.

– The unforgettable scenes captured in the sketches are the result of the work of our artists (and each painter got at least three of them). Before leaving, the sketches were presented to everyone in the Reserve’s Friends Club, – they write in the museum’s group on VKontakte.

As Valery Linkevich noted, the famous Andreapolian artist L. Yu. Iog could not attend this plein air, but became its full participant.

– Because the first (and one of the main) events during our visit were the installation and opening of an exhibition of her paintings and graphic works in the Club of the Friends of the Reserve.


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