Andrei Razin spoke about Alexander Serov’s unwillingness to get vaccinated

The creator of the “Tender May” project, Soviet, Russian producer and singer Andrei Razin, commented on the situation with Alexander Serov on Instagram – the performer fell ill with COVID and was hospitalized in serious condition.

“I am very worried about the health and life of Sasha Serov. of the filming of the resulted clip.

“Sasha himself is from the city of Nikolaev. Igor Krutoy wrote him this song. He was just the director of this Morning Mail. I always urged everyone to get vaccinated. By the way, the Soyuz Disco and all the soloists of the Laskoviy May group were grafted from covid.” Sputnik-V “, so there are no sick people among them,” Razin states confidently.

Afterwards, he complained that, unfortunately, Serov did not vaccinate, and trouble happened to him. Now the artist is in intensive care with almost 80% lung damage, on a ventilator in a deep crisis.

As Razin assures, he prays to God for a colleague to cope with the disease. “This once again reminds us that unvaccinated people have a hard time tolerating this disease,” he emphasizes.

“We will pray for Sasha. I hope that everything will work out. Sasha, hold on, we are with you!”, – concluded his post the producer.

The comments contain a lot of exclamations of support and warm wishes.



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