Andrey Mironov’s grandson and his full namesake joined the Lenkom troupe

Popular theater opened its 95th season

At noon on August 27, Lenkom opened its 95th season. Judging by the plans that the theater director Mark Varshaver put forward in a business-like manner, the troupe has a lot of work ahead, touring along enviable routes and an increase in space. From the gathering of the troupe – a columnist for “MK”.

Fifteen minutes before the start, Alexander Zbruev, just like in Yesenin’s poem, “to hell takes off his English suit”.

– Well, how? – he asks, realizing what impression he makes on others. He is well over 80, and the artist is in stunning physical and creative form: fit, like a young man, and, to the envy of the young, no belly. I am ready to discuss any proposals.

– This is all my mother, nature and breed from her, – says Alexander Viktorovich. – Every day I remember her and pray for her.

The gathering began exactly at noon and lasted … exactly 18 minutes. Such speed of an official event has not been remembered here for a long time. During these 18 minutes, Mark Varshaver laid out his plans – the public will have at least three, maximum four premieres. About two are already known for sure.

Leonid Trushkin will stage the play “Further Silence”. The very play in which the leading figures of the Soviet stage once shone – Faina Ranevskaya and Rostislav Plyatt. In 2021, Gennady Khazanov and Natalya Tenyakova will appear on the Lenkom stage. And Alexander Morfov, who has put on a single performance in the theater, will stage Erdman’s Suicide.

Among the main expected events of the season is the opening of the Lenkom branch in Moscow. It will be located in MDM on Frunzenskaya and will have 680 seats. According to the director, the stage of the new site in a number of parameters will surpass the historical stage on Bolshaya Dmitrovka – for example, a mobile portal there can be opened up to 20 meters and a height of 10 meters, that is, two meters more than Lenkom’s.

“We have 22 performances in our repertoire,” says Mark Varshaver, “so we can transfer part of the performances to the branch.

The tour route of the Lenkomites – Krasnodar-Sochi, where the legendary “Juno and Avos” will be taken, and “Memorial Prayer” will go to St. Petersburg.

The award of Evgeny Leonov, who will turn 95 on September 2, was awarded by secret ballot to Sergei Stepanchenko, Olesya Zhelezyak, Alexander Spirin, Alexandra Volkova for their roles in Memorial Prayer, Anna Yakunina for Dorina in the play The Great Deceiver. By the way, the young actress Alexandra Volkova was also awarded for the same role. And 18 actors received certificates from the Moscow City Duma.

Sergey Stepanchenko.

Well, and more news – several young actors entered the troupe of Lenkom. One of them is Andrei Mironov, the son of the leading theater actress Maria Mironova and the grandson of the great Andrei Mironov, who? although he served all his life in the theater of Satire, for many years he had a strong friendship with Lenkom.

Finally, information for the audience – as an experiment, three popular performances are sold by QR codes: “Juno and Avos”, “The Marriage of Figaro” and “Memorial Prayer”.



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