Android Auto 8.7 arrives in your cars, but without the new interface design

While Google is working on an overhaul of Android Auto with a new design, the update hasn’t made it to many drivers yet. Meanwhile, Google has introduced a new version with fewer changes.

It’s been a year now and we know Google is about to overhaul the design of Android Auto, the operating system for connected cars. Late last year testers got to see the redesign, and Google even announced that it began rolling it out to all users on a stable basis in early January.

However, after about a month, we finally see that the pace of Google’s rollout has been lackluster, and only a few lucky users have had access to the new design weeks after the announcement. It seems that the tech giant has planned one last update which was more traditionally version 8.7.

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Google introduces a new update for Android Auto

While we were expecting the new Coolwalk interface to arrive, the new 8.7 update that has just been published does not include the new design. Version 8.7 appears to have removed the wireless toggle from Android Auto in Settings, making it difficult for users to turn off wireless. So Android Auto no longer has a setting dedicated to deactivating wireless mode.

Google’s rollout schedule is incredibly confusing, and the Coolwalk redesign seems to be hitting people at random. You may be one of the lucky ones to get it soon, or you may have to wait several more weeks.

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In the meantime, we will have to be content with the 8.7 update, but this removes the feature that seemed necessary for Android Auto. With this switch, users can quickly disable Android Auto autoplay, allowing the use of a Bluetooth connection to the car’s media receiver.

Now, since Wireless Android Auto requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections to work properly, you will need to disable either of them to prevent the phone from connecting to the in-car computer.


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