“Angelo Izzo – Black Heart” on the Nove: from the Circeo massacre to a double homicide 30 years later

“Angelo Izzo – Black Heart” on the Nove: from the Circeo massacre to a double homicide 30 years later

2023-05-31 07:17:00

“Angelo Izzo – Black heart” Thursday 1 June in first exclusive TV at 21.25 on the Nove and streaming on discovery+

For the cycle Il Nove narrates, Angelo Izzo – Black heart: from the “Circeo massacre” to the murder in the province of Campobasso, in Ferrazzano in the spring of 2005, after having obtained the benefit of semi-liberty. A crime with the complicity of two other men, a woman and her daughter, a girl of only 14 years to then bury them underground. The docu-crime tries to find out what the motive for this umpteenth massacre iswhat clicked in his mind once again.

But above all the question to which it is really difficult to find an answer is: how is it possible that the “monster of Circeo” was allowed to return to freedom?

Angelo Izzo, in fact, was in prison for the events that took place in the night between 29 and 30 September 1975, when together with his friends Gianni Guido and Andrea Ghira, he tortured and raped two girls inside a villa in San Felice Circeo. The two young women were found in the trunk of a car a few hours later when Donatella Colasanti, pretending to be dead next to her friend’s body, managed to attract the attention of some passers-by. For that horrendous crime, which shocked Italy, Izzo was sentenced to life imprisonment, yet he was allowed to return to semi-freedom and to commit yet another heinous crime.

“Angelo Izzo – Black Heart” (1×90′) is a docu-crime produced by Loft Produzioni for Warner Bros Discovery, written by Matteo Billi, Giovanni Filippetto and Laura Fiorini, directed by Alessandro Galluzzi.

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