Anger over loan application rejection: Man arrested for setting bank on fire | Karnataka man sets bank on fire after his loan application was rejected

Bangalore: In Haveri district of Karnataka Credit application To the bank for rejection The person who set the fire Has been arrested.

Wasim Hazratsap Mulla (age 33) hails from Rattihalli in Karnataka. He had applied for a loan from Canara Bank in Hedukonda village, which falls under the Kaginelli police area. But, after checking the documents his loan application Bank Rejected.

Claiming to be due to his sibyl score being low Credit application Rejected. Credit application Mulla, angered by the rejection, came to the bank branch on Saturday night.

He broke the window of the bank and poured petrol inside. He then set fire to the office. Passers-by spotted the smoke and alerted police and fire departments.

The firefighter was arrested and handed over to the police. He was subsequently arrested and charged.



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