Angham’s doctor reveals the developments in her health condition and the fact that she has cancer • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Akram El-Adawy, the physician treating the Egyptian artist Angham, revealed the details of her health condition.

He said, during a phone call to the program “One Last Word” on the “ONE” satellite channel, that Angham had violent bleeding that caused her to suffer from anemia, severe exhaustion, and a low level of hemoglobin, which necessitated a very urgent surgical intervention. Expected”.

And he continued: “She was discharged from the hospital after her intestines began to work well and things were going in a controlled manner, and her plan was to travel to her commitment to the party she was planning to hold.”

He added, “After 4 days, she complained of other abdominal pain, and after x-rays, we discovered the presence of adhesions in the intestine,” noting that tissue analyzes after surgery showed that Angham was suffering from fibrous tumors free of any malignant cancerous tumors.

And he concluded: “From a medical point of view in gynecological diseases, we consider what I have reached now as a complete recovery.”


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