Angham’s doctor secretly reveals the truth about her suffering from cancerous tumors

Angham’s doctor secretly reveals the truth about her suffering from cancerous tumors

Dr. Akram El-Adawy, the doctor treating the Egyptian artist Angham, who is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the Kasr El-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, revealed new details about her health condition.

He said, “Angham came to me a month ago, and she was suffering from recurring pains in the lower abdomen, pelvis, and back from the back, at periods that are not supposed to have this bleeding. With this surgery, reassurance about it, and eradication of what is possible to treat this medical condition.
And he continued during the “Last Word” program: “I told her we will try and we will see the drug treatment, but it happened that she had violent bleeding that led her to anemia, severe exhaustion, and a low level of hemoglobin for her, which necessitated a very urgent surgical intervention, and she was admitted to the hospital and performed the surgery 10 days or two weeks ago, and the surgery became in its expected form.” “
He added: “There were adhesions in the abdomen as a result of performing previous surgeries in the abdomen. These adhesions were dismantled in a controlled manner and what needed to be removed was removed. Things went well and she was discharged from the hospital after her vital signs were safely measured. Her intestines started working well and things were going smoothly.” A disciplined figure, and her plan was to travel in order to comply with the party she was planning to throw.”
And he concluded: “After leaving the hospital, she started complaining after 4 days of other abdominal pains, and asked her to come to the hospital, and after performing x-rays, we discovered the presence of adhesions in the intestine,” indicating that she was suffering from empty fibroids, but they are not cancerous tumors.


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