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With the extension of Anil Kant’s tenure as the state police chief, the DGP’s ambition of many senior IPS officers has been weighed. This closes the possibility of Tomin Thachankari, Sudesh Kumar, B Sandhya and S Ananthakrishnan. With the extension of his term, Anilkanth will become the first official in Kerala to continue as DGP even after retirement.

In July, the Pinarayi government appointed Anil Kanth as the new police chief, surpassing the seniority of Sudesh Kumar and B Sandhya. Anil Kant is still the youngest in the DGP rank. Yet the government gives Anil Kant the rare privilege of becoming police chief even after retirement. The explanation is that the term of office of the Chief of Police has been extended to June 30, 2023 as per the Supreme Court order to give a minimum of two years. If he stays in the post for so long, five senior officers will have to step down without dreaming of becoming the police chief. Tomin Thachankari, Sudesh Kumar, b. Sandhya, s. And Anantha Krishnan. Sudeshkumar, b. Sandhya and S. Ananthakrishnan will retire before Anil Kant’s term expires.

Although Thachankari will have one more month of service after Anil Kant’s tenure, the rule that those who have not served for at least six months will not be made police chiefs will backfire. Another person who is surpassing Anil Kant by extending his term is Arun Kumar Sinha of the Central Deputation. At the same time, one section claims that the extension is only a technical step in complying with the Supreme Court order. If Anil Kant decides to retire on his own, the government can accept the order. In that case, they say, the jeweler’s interest in the CPM will be reconsidered.

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