Animals: Three bears rescued in Greece – mother desperate

Animals: Three bears rescued in Greece – mother desperate

2023-05-26 20:29:16

Three little bears rescued in Greece – mother desperate

The three little bears before they are rescued from the canal. photo

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A bear tries to free her three children from a canal. She doesn’t succeed. But the story still has a happy ending.

In the extreme northwest of Greece, three little bears were rescued from an irrigation canal by animal rights activists in a dramatic rescue operation. Her mother tried for a long time and in desperation to lead her three little ones out of the sewer, as can be seen in a video shot by hunters. The hunters then alerted the Greek bear protection organization Arcturos. Your experts were able to get the little bears out of the canal. The animal rights activists said the bear watched the rescue operation from afar.

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“The bears then ran into the forest,” said Arcturos spokesman Panos Stefanou, the German Press Agency on Friday. Campaigners want to be sure this doesn’t happen again and have placed wooden pallets in the canal for the bears to climb on should this happen again, he added. They are also monitoring the area to see how the bear will behave and whether the three rescued bear cubs need further assistance, it said.

The rescue took place on Thursday. The wildlife protection organization published several videos and photos from the action. Arcturos has saved the lives of dozens of bears over the past few decades. A total of 20 are currently living under the protection of the organization. Twelve little bears have already been released back into the wild, said Stefanou.


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