Anja Rützel’s column: Knee-deep in the pot of gold

Melanie Müller celebrates her limitations, Gwyneth Paltrow her 50th, and Robbie Wiliams behaves as a etiquette poster boy: the week on the boulevard with Anja Rützel.

Has earned her wrinkles: Gwyneth Paltrow.DPA

Ms. Rützel, who made you angry this week?

Melanie Mueller. I’ve never been a fan of her uncomfortably gruff and self-important performances on various trash TV formats, and whenever she’s spoken out about anything publicly in the past, it’s been at least uncomfortable, occasionally worse – like when she appeared on 2017 Facebook rushed against refugees. A video of her appeared last week showing her surrounded by fans shouting “Sieg Heil” during a performance, as well as a second one in which she herself possibly shows the Hitler salute. The police have initiated investigations, Müller himself, who denies the allegations, meanwhile posted a photo of suffering in Mickey Mouse bedding. And I very much hope to never see her anywhere near a TV camera again.

Gwyneth Paltrow turned 50 a few days ago and celebrated this circumstance with a photo in which her naked body is completely covered in gold paint. How do you like the picture?

Smeared, painted with gold slick – oh, why not. I’ll save her photo for reference, I’ll be 50 next year too. But what I found more interesting than Paltrow’s photo was the birthday interview she gave to Vogue, in which she said some good things and a few strange ones. For example, that at the age of 30 she was afraid of disappointing her parents because she had neither married a stockbroker nor a lawyer. But I found it very pleasant that she now seems to be at peace with herself. “I’m not in a relationship with a 26-year-old model. I don’t want her life. I don’t want her face,” says Paltrow, for example. “I don’t want their experience. I earned my life. I’ve earned my wrinkles.” For her, there’s a sweet feeling about having lived with all the ups and downs, because she’s wise and humble, because she loves and loses “and all those things.” You can reach into the pot of gold here.

Speaking of saying strange things: Robbie Williams babbled on all sorts of weird things in his promo interviews for his upcoming world tour.

What I liked best was that he said he didn’t care if his kids were educated or not, as long as they had good manners: “Look people in the eye, please, say thank you.” I find it funny because I’m Robbie now not necessarily had on the screen as a etiquette poster boy. I’m also excited about his biographical film “Better Man”, which I’ll definitely watch next year – in contrast to his children, who shouldn’t see it: the film is just too honest. He will also play himself in it, and says it’s weird sitting in the makeup room during filming, “and the man who’s playing his father is there, the woman who’s playing your grandma is there, and the woman who’s playing your mother , too,” he said. And of course there are also reminiscences of his old Take That colleagues: “Howard Donald’s dreadlock wig is also there, and Jason Orange’s plastic chin.” If any German TV station wants to cobble together a cheap version of his life story, I recommend that Cast for the young Robbie necessarily Giovanni Zarella’s brother Stefano. It’s a match!

What does Helene Fischer actually do?

I can imagine her grieving over the criticism from her fans, who weren’t quite as thrilled with her outfit, which she recently gave at a press conference for her planned 2023 tour. “It’s good to know that Helene’s shoes and sweatshirt together cost more than I earn a month,” said a fan online, reported the specialist publication Schlagerplanet and also added up Fischer’s luxury wardrobe: red sweater from the luxury label Loewe for 650 euros, sneakers from Balmain for 1095 euros. “The total price for the outfit was around 1745 euros,” added Schlagerplanet eagerly – I can’t imagine how expensive it would have been if Helene Fischer had also worn pants.

Christian Seidl asked the questions.

Anja Rützel is a freelance author and writes mainly about television and animals. For the Berliner Zeitung at the weekend, she observes the whimsical world of celebrities.


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