Anne Wunsch: On “Only Fans” she has an interesting wish list … | Entertainment

Anne Wunsch: On “Only Fans” she has an interesting wish list … |  Entertainment

2023-05-13 17:09:13

It is well known that Anne Wunsch sells revealing photos for money on the nude platform “Only Fans”. But do you already know her very interesting wish list?

For several months, the former “Berlin – Day & Night” star has only been offering sexy clips there, and no longer appears (almost) naked on Instagram. Behind this, of course, is a look at the account: If you want to see Anne in lingerie and hot poses, sign up and subscribe to Only Fans.

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You can currently subscribe to the Wunsch profile for free – but the 31-year-old will certainly be paid for photos and videos. On “Only Fans”, for example, there is a “tip function” where fans can send extra money to the celebrities. Or get snapshots, clips or greetings privately via chat message for a certain sum.

According to Anne, she earns “(…) five to six figures a month on Only Fans” with her naked profile. In other words: at least 10,000 euros per month. Whoa!

But she has found another way to get her wishes paid for: Anne points to hers prominently in profile wish list at the online giant Amazon.

With her content on “Only Fans”, Anne Wunsch is one of the most popular celebrities in Germany

Photo: anne_wuensche/Instagram

Every user can see what they would love to have at home. You don’t even need to be registered with “Only Fans”.

Anne’s wishes to their fans? The mix is ​​really weird! There are currently 12 products that could not be more different: the influencer wants a lay-on vibrator for 150 euros just as badly as a waffle iron in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Otherwise, the illustrious wish list also includes, among other things, classy Swarovski wine glasses (290 euros!), luxury hand soap (24 euros), a travel handbag (72 euros) and lingerie (56 euros).

In return, the mother of three, Anne, bids on “ Only Fans” all sorts of mental cinema for their community. Of course, the photos cannot be viewed without a subscription, but the captions and teasers can.

For example, she advertises her content with sentences like “Imagine, the two of us are alone on the beach. Undisturbed …” or “I always feel like it in the morning …” – garnished with quite clear emojis.

She keeps asking her fans what they want to see naked. If you have wishes, you are more than happy to fulfill them.

$3000 a week Guess how SHE makes money

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