Annihilation Leads the Voting for Brawl Stars Resurrections

Annihilation Leads the Voting for Brawl Stars Resurrections

2023-06-02 11:00:15

The current cycle of game modes of Brawl Stars undergoes a revolution with the proposal to rescue only two of the four available options, an opportunity wrapped in the same multiverse from the upcoming June Championship Challenge to recover proposals such as Annihilation and Destruction, the two modes most voted for by the community despite the blocking of votes raised in the last hours.

In the news tab of Brawl Stars there is a small option to convert to candidates for game modes for the next season in finalsand according to the first clues, everything points to a turnaround to remove Duels and Volleybrawl from the active rotation.

How are the votes going?

As can be seen in the main image of the news, in the first hours it was possible to check the current status of the voting, but as the hours went by Brawl Stars you have disabled that option. The mystery is essential to engage the community before knowing which will be the two game modes selected for the next cycle.

Although right now the image leaves no clues, the latest votes do point to Annihilation as the most desired mode by the majority of players with Destruction as the second ranked, so Duels and Volleybrawl would be left out if these data were maintained.

  • Annihilation: 36%
  • Destruction: 28%
  • Duels: 19%
  • Volley: 17%

If someone is really lost, this is a quick description of each of the four modes available in the vote:

  • Volleyball: The third sports mode of the game. A dynamic game of volleyball in which the ball gains speed as time passes in the same play.
  • duels: The ultimate Survival mode. Three brawlers per player, in which only one can remain. If a brawler dies, the next one must avenge him.
  • Annihilation: Ten players against a giant robot. It has 22,000 life points and there are 8 minutes to defeat it. At the end of one thing or another, whoever has dealt the most damage to the robot will win the game. Being able to get force cubes from each elimination or with random spwans.
  • Destruction: A mini ‘Starfighter’. Classic three against three and two-minute game. The first team to reach 8 eliminations will win the game, or the one with the most after that time has elapsed.

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