Annoying idealist; Biju Sopanam will change the route

Annoying idealist; Biju Sopanam will change the route

Priyan Ottam is a movie directed by Antony Soni and starring Sharafuddin, Nyla Usha and Aparna Das in the lead roles. The movie hit theaters on June 24. All the main characters performed well in the film.

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Biju Sopanam’s Kuttan is another character who attracts the audience just like Priyan. Kuttan plays an important role in giving Priyan a new sense of direction during his childhood. But it is the same Kuttan who is hindering the dream of Priyan who has reached the stairs.

Kuttan is a character with some ideals who can go to work and cause problems even when he goes there, annoying irresponsible locals and householders but to no avail. Doubts are also being raised as to whether Biju Sopanam is stereotyped for these roles. Biju Sopanam has played similar roles in some of the recent films. Biju Sopanam’s characters in Kuttan Pillai’s Shivratri, Love Action Drama and Gunda Jayan are lazy, harassing and irresponsible.

However, Biju’s character is able to make the audience laugh in many parts of the film.

Hakim Shahjahan, Sudhi Koppa, Jafar Idukki, Sminu Sijo, Ashokan, Harishree Ashokan, Shaju Sreedhar, Shivam Sopanam, Uma, Jayaraj Kozhikode, Veena, Viji, Vinod Thomas, Sreeja Das, Vinod Ketamangalam, RJ, Kookil Raghavan, Harish Pengan And Anarkali Maraikkar played the other roles in the film. The film received a good response from the audience.

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