Another complaint was filed against Haim Shadmi, this time by the director general of the Yesha Council

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Yigal Dilmoni, director general of the Yesha Council, arrived this morning (Tuesday) at the Kedumim police station to file a complaint against Haim Shadmi for inciting violence and fearing the use of firearms against civilians.

The complaint states that last night, during a conference held in the Knesset, Haim Shadmi said that he and his partners are currently starting to operate in the territories of Judea and Samaria. Shadmi asked for permission to use firearms against the residents of the area, whom he called “terrorists” and even received applause from the participants at the end of his speech.

Leaving the police station, Dilmoni said: “We in the Yesha Council are concerned that Shadmi and his associates will not wait for approval and use violence and firearms against civilians. There is a real threat here to the residents of Judea and Samaria, and I fear for their lives. We see that their presence on the ground is agitating and increasing the violence against our residents, so in addition to the police investigation that needs to be opened, we are asking the security forces to issue a restraining order against him and his accomplices to ensure no resident is harmed. We will continue to use all the kosher means at our disposal to ensure that the peace of our residents is not harmed. “

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