Another life is possible, on a sailing boat – After all, at a certain point in life, we all dreamed of it: giving up the desk, the bosses, the colleagues, the traffic, the stress, the smart working that is not so smart, closing the shack, in short, to go around the world, fleeing from ever more suffocating rhythms.

There are those who have really succeeded, and also on the vehicle that most symbolizes the idea of ​​freedom, a sailboat, transforming from an employee of the family firm into a woman finally ‘Barefoot, disheveled, tanned’ title of the book (Giulio Perrone publisher) in which Raffaella Marozzini, Roman, in her fifties, recounts her half-world tour interrupted by Covid: five years between Greece and Australia, more than 15 thousand miles between two oceans, atolls, dolphins, storm surges and encounters that nourish the soul shared with his partner Giovanni, a tried and tested long-distance love between Rome and Livorno unscathed from a test that would have been complicated for anyone, a start of coexistence on the 12 meters of their Obiwan, a tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi the Jedi warrior of ” Star Wars”.

Living in contact with the sea was, since adolescence and the imprinting of a sailing course, the goal of Marozzini, indulged with boat trips, a diploma as an instructor and, therefore, with a boat rental activity, an intermediate step between twenty years of work in the family business and around the world. His existential turning point tells it this way: “In six months I quit my job in the office, I emptied and rented my house, sold my car and scooter and moved on board to Giovanni, a yoga teacher, who already lived there. for more than half of the year “.

The book, dedicated to sailors, travel enthusiasts and all those who daydream, was born almost as a literary therapy for abstinence from the sea, which broke out fiercely when Covid interrupted Raffaella and Giovanni’s journey, halfway through their tour. of the world: “In January 2020 we brought the boat ashore in Australia and first went to Rome to visit relatives and then to New Zealand”. They were there when the borders closed, making it impossible to reach Australia and put the boat back to sea: “We were stuck in New Zealand for six months, and once we ran out of money we decided to return to Italy”.

Now they work on someone else’s boat in Tuscany, waiting to resume their journey and their Obiwan, now home, clarifies, since theirs are rented, just to be able to afford the new life. The book is accompanied by a QR Code that leads to a video divided into chapters that follow the index of the book, so that the reader can follow the route also seeing photos and videos of the places told. All dreamlike, from the Caribbean to the Galapagos, from Fiji to the Cook Islands, and enriched by characters who rarely meet on the way home-office, or who don’t notice because of immersion in their smartphones.

Diving, in the sea and in the lives of others, on the other hand, here are many: “What really struck us in our journey was above all the relationship with people”, Marozzini told On an atoll in Polynesia they met a man who, like Tom Hanks in ‘Cast away’, lives alone collecting coconut, in a restaurant in Cape Verde a modest lady with shopping bags who once put on her purple shirt and grabbed the microphone she turned into a singing wonder woman. And then in Almerimar the meeting with Carlo protagonist of forty Atlantic crossings and a solo tour of the world, one of the many Italians known by sea: ‘When we decided to go around the world we felt cool, we thought we were doing something unique but we soon realized that the people who face this life choice are many and it is not even a superhero enterprise: most of the crews are made up of married couples even well advanced in years “. Rare homesickness crisis aside (“in the midst of a storm in the Pacific I regretted the city sofa”), in short, another life is possible.



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