Another resource of Sri Lanka that is going to spread to the neighboring country..!

While Sri Lankan Tamil homeland has been handed over to an Indian company, high-level negotiations have begun to transfer the Nuraicholi thermal power plant operated under the Sri Lanka Electricity Board to China and the Lakshapana hydropower plant to a Korean company.

Further negotiations are underway to determine the price per unit of Nuraicholi thermal power plant will receive from the government and the price the government will pass on to consumers.

Meanwhile, high-level official discussions are underway to hand over the Lakshapana power plant to a Korean company.

Increase in electricity charges

According to the decision taken to reorganize the Sri Lanka Electricity Board, it is also reported that the foreign company that is going to buy the power plants has requested to increase the electricity tariff.

Government activists have pointed out through their comments that the government is carrying out this project with the aim of earning its own royal profits.


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