ANSES loans of $400,000 to workers: The code is already in place, what to do?

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2023-09-22 21:28:16


Workers who met the requirements and processed the credit from the National Social Security Administration can now verify the code through Mi Anses. The procedure is concluded in an office.

The workers who met the requirements and processed the company’s credit National Social Security Administration (ANSES) You can now verify the code through Mi Considered. The procedure is concluded in an office.

Los ANSES credits of $400,000 for workers in dependency relationship They are all the rage throughout the country and since Monday they launched it, in Mendoza, there have already been about 300 thousand people who started the process.

You have to start the process in MI CONSIDERED or in the APP they are CONSIDERED of the cell phone and the registration is 10 a 20. The amount will be processed on the website and then you have to go and request it at a ANSES office.

I received the My ANSES code, what do I have to do?

The codes are already arriving for those who met the requirements and through MI CONSIDERED.

Once you have the code, you have to go to an office ANSES without turn with that number and process it so that you load it on the card.

How much do you have to repay the loan depending on the years?

In Mi CONSIDERED Some users were able to check how much they should return according to the number of months to do it:

This way, if you take out the credit of $400,000In 2 years you will return installments of $30,834. Total you are going to return $740,016

In 3 years or 36 monthsyou are going to return installments of $25,795. In total: $928,626.12.

In 4 years or 48 monthsyou are going to return installments of $23,550.54. Total: $1.130.425,92

In summary:

2 years: installments of $30,834 3 years: installments of $25,795 4 years: installments of $23,550

The step by step to process the ANSES loan of $400,000 to workers

The ANSES issued a statement to process the loan of $400,000 to workers. The organization indicated that it will be carried out without managers or intermediaries, from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., through your computer or cell phone in 5 simple steps.

You must have your Social Security Code

If you still do not have your Social Security Code, create it from your computer or cell phone.


On the page of MI CONSIDERED I chose the option Credits for workers in a dependency relationship. You can also do it from your cell phone by downloading the mi ANSES app

Generate your request

The application will guide you until completing your request. You will be able to check the status of your procedure in my ANSES.

Finish your process

Once we have processed your request, ANSES will send a code.

Then go to ANSES without an appointment

Once approved, the requested amount will be credited to your credit card in the next 7 business days.

These are all the requirements to request the $400,000 loan from ANSES for workers

The requirements of new Credits Anses for employees are the following:

Be a worker in a dependency relationship with contributions to the SIPA. Not be covered by Income Tax. Have a work experience of no less than 6 continuous months under the same employer. Have permanent residence in Argentine territory. Do not exceed the legal retirement age when requesting the loan. That is, being under 60 years old if you are a woman or 65 years old if you are a man. The person cannot be the holder of an asset with a current credit line in the Anses Credit Program. Do not exceed “Situation 2” according to the financial report of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA). Being the holder of a credit card is granted by the bank in which the monthly payments are collected.

How much is the interest?

The interest rate on this loan is 50% and can be paid in 24, 36 and 48 installments.

It is not clear how it will be processed, but it is will be credited to bank accounts.

Will have 3 grace installments.

How is this $400,000 loan processed?

The process will begin in an office of CONSIDERED. Then the worker must go in person at an office and they will deposit it on the credit card.

What will this loan be used for?

He ANSES loan will be used for the consumption of products. It cannot be withdrawn in cash or used to save in a Fixed Term.

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