Antarctic: aerial images of the iceberg that broke in two and is on a collision course with South Georgia Island

The video taken by the Royal Air Force: the iceberg is on a collision course with a South Georgia island, populated by penguins – by EB /Courier TV

The Royal Air Force (RAF), the British Air Force, has recently released aerial shots of the iceberg, nicknamed A68a, which in 2017 detached itself from the Larsen C platform in Antarctica, and which is now en route collision with South Georgia, an island located in the South Atlantic Ocean. The new images show how huge fragments of the iceberg, once the largest in the world, are breaking away from the bulk of the original iceberg. According to the latest estimates, the new piece, an iceberg in its own right called A68d, is over 142 square kilometers in size. It is currently located 30 nautical miles (about 55 km) from South Georgia.



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