Anti-alcoholism message on brick chips : Nattu Visesham

Kanhangad: Jail Toh is against the growing use of intoxicants. The district police has written ‘No to drugs’ in red brick in that village. Medhavi Dr. Published by Vaibhav Saxena. Harita Kerala Mission, New Kerala Action Plan Kanhangad Rotary Club With the cooperation of B. Mithi is doing it.

District Jail Superintendent K. Venu presided. Sajid Kamdam Lahari took Vimukta awareness class. K. Balakrishnan, District Co-ordinator, Navkerala Karmapaddhati, Kanhangad Rotary Club President KK Savichan, Kanhangad Public Image Rotary Chairman M.Vinod, Deputy Prison Officer M.V. Santosh Kumar, Asst Superintendent Nawaz Babu, Asst Superintendent Grade 2 E.K.Pr. Ya spoke.


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