Anti Covid pill in Italy, Pregliasco: “I think it’s coming for December”

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The anti-Covid pills that Italy could decide to buy for emergency use pre-approval represent “finally a real antiviral therapeutic strategy. By December I think we should have them and they can prove to be useful weapons to counter this tail blow that the virus has unleashed us“So at Salute virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, professor at the State University of Milan.

“Beyond the treatments that today are in fact symptomatic, because whatever people say cortisone, heparin and oxygen are symptomatic”, specifies the doctor, the two experimental oral medicines from Merck (MSD outside the US and Canada) and Pfizer represent “a new weapon that we did not have until now. The data “on efficacy and safety,” at least on reading, seem to be very interesting. As always, the importance of early administration remains “and to understand one point well:” This is not a replacement tool for vaccination – Pregliasco is keen to point out – They are intended as a complementary tool, to be used in cases where it still infects “and can be administered at home.

So “together with vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, immunostimulants that exist”, the two incoming pills “can contribute in some way to reducing the health impact of this coronavirus which – the virologist repeats – will have successive undulations also in the next future”.


With the fourth wave of Covid Italy today risks a lockdown like that of Austria? “I hope not, but I am in the center of Milan for work and I see that unfortunately it seems to have returned to the past”, with too many risky behaviors that violate the prudential anti-Covid measures and that “certainly will not help”. The reference to Salute is to “respect the ‘new etiquette'” which means keeping the distance and wearing masks even outdoors in case of crowds.

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And then “important and rapid choices must be made”, is the doctor’s message to politics: “The Green pass must become more stringent”, he underlines, hoping that Italy will adopt the German model of ‘2G’, that is, that the green certificate applies only to the vaccinated and recovered, and not also to those who exhibit a negative swab. “Continue with the revaccination – adds Pregliasco – but above all, I repeat, we respect the rules”.

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