Anti Covid pill, Richeldi: “More will arrive soon”

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Merck’s anti-Covid pill, hailed positively by Anthony Fauci, the American primary health advisor to the White House, “is the first of the antivirals specifically studied against this virus. The antivirals we have used so far have been studied for other viruses. , in particular for HIV “. But Merck’s antiviral “is not the first, others will come too.” This was stated by Luca Richeldi, director of Pneumology of the Gemelli University Hospital in Rome, who spoke in Agorà, on Rai Tre.

“The data are relatively incomplete and preliminary – added the expert – but I am convinced that even more important ones will come. So antivirals and monoclonal antibodies will become the cornerstone of the therapy of patients who develop the infection, along with those drugs. suppressors of the excessive immune response that Aifa has already approved. The paraphernalia we have today in our hospitals to fight the disease in people affected by the virus is enormously superior and more effective than the one we had a year ago “, he concluded.

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