“Anti-inflation shield”: Spartoo reimburses you five times the difference if you find it cheaper

“Anti-inflation shield”: Spartoo reimburses you five times the difference if you find it cheaper

Inflation does not only affect food products. The personal equipment sector — textiles, footwear, etc. — is also bearing the full brunt of rising prices. “Around 15 to 20% since 2019,” says Boris Saragaglia, co-founder and CEO of Spartoo, a site specializing in the online sale of shoes and ready-to-wear. “This has an impact on our customers who, even if they are more CSP +, see their remaining life decrease,” he says.

Hence this idea of ​​an “anti-inflation shield”, an expression now in vogue, which aims to guarantee customers of the site a low price. How ? By offering to “repay five times the difference if they find it cheaper elsewhere,” he explains. A rather widespread device in certain retail chains but quite new online.

“It’s a way of reassuring consumers, of telling them: have confidence, come to us,” he continues. But above all, this forces us to be at the right entry price. “Launched in September, this device has just been extended “as long as there is strong inflation”, announces Boris Saragaglia, thus refusing to give an end date.

Nearly 400 references and 90 eligible brands

Concretely, if you see that the pair of black Converse, bought for 60 euros (on sale) on Spartoo is cheaper on another site, you can claim a refund.

“Just call customer service and provide proof: a photo or the URL of the item’s page. The site must be subject to European law (to be checked in the legal notice section), he warns. And be careful, the comparison must be made with the price of transport included, since delivery is offered by us. »

Not all products for sale on Spartoo are eligible for this “anti-inflation shield”. It thus applies to 383 references and around 90 brands, to be found under the “Lowest price guarantee” tab, such as these Reebok Classic Freestyle Hi at 54 euros or these Timberland at 115.50 euros.

It is mainly sale products that are concerned by this device. Difficult then to find cheaper elsewhere? When the operation was launched, “about 10% of orders had given rise to reimbursement requests with an average price differential of 3 to 5%, he explains. Today, it is a little lower, since we try to stick as closely as possible to the rates offered by the competition. »


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