Anti-Putin armed groups announce a new incursion from Ukraine into Russian territory

Anti-Putin armed groups announce a new incursion from Ukraine into Russian territory

2023-06-01 11:05:38

The two armed groups which starred at the end of May a raid from Ukraine into the Russian region of Belgorodthey announced one on Thursday new infiltration in the Russian Federationin of the videos recorded allegedly from the territory of this country.

“The second phase [de l’operació] promised by the commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps (CVR) has begun!”, reads one of the messages published on the Telegram account of this formation, made up of Russian volunteers who fought until now with the Ukrainian Army.

According to the CVR, some of its troops are already back inside Russia and heading towards the town of Xebékinoin the Belgorod province bordering Ukraine where they carried out their most ambitious armed incursion to date.

“Free all Russia”

The other training of armed Russian volunteersthe Freedom Legion for Russia, in turn released a video allegedly recorded in the locality of Graivoronalso located in Belgradein which he reaffirms his intention to “liberate all of Russia from Belgorod to Vladivostok”.

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The two groups have been fighting for months alongside the Ukrainian Army against Russian forces and say their goal is the overthrow by arms of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Government of Kyiv assures that it has nothing to do with the actions of these formations on Russian territory, but tolerates them operating on Ukrainian soil.

Russian authorities claimed to have killed more than 70 “Ukrainian terrorists” in the incursion at the end of May. The two armed groups that claimed it insist that only Russian citizens took part and deny that they suffered casualties.

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