Antibiotic, when to take it: improper use costs 11 thousand deaths a year

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Antibiotic, when to take it? “They are not used against Covid-19 and should only be used in pre-operative prophylaxis”, say the experts

To improper use of antibiotics can be traced back to Italy beyond 10 thousand deaths a year, out of a total of about 33 thousand in the entire European Union; this is the data that emerged from the seminar organized in Naples by Damor Pharmaceuticalspromoted in collaboration with the Itme consortium (International Translational Research and Medical Education), fondato dall’Federico II University With the’Albert Einstein Institute of Medicine of New York, which saw the participation of the virologist Massimo Galliby prof Francesco D’Andreaof the University Frederick II and prof. Stefano Veraldifrom the State of Milan.

“The subvariants 4 and 5 of omicron they are more contagious and seem to be able to “pierce” the vaccine barrier, “said the professor Massimo Galli, one of the leading infectious diseases in the world. “Precisely due to the greater diffusivity of omicron, there has been an increase in home care which resulted in the improper use of antibiotic drugs, completely useless against viral infection by Covid-19. Reversing this dangerous trend has become a priority in the health sector, ”continued Professor Galli.

“Antibiotics are absolutely useless for the Coronavirus – reiterated Galli – their use is absolutely improper, as they do not carry out any direct or even vaguely indirect action, and they are practically never justified even as a cover for a possible overlap of bacterial pneumonia. Their use has no scientific basis – continued Galli – but it has done serious damage. There zitromicina, in particular, it was used in an absolutely disproportionate way without any specific indication. On this drug we have absolute evidence against its usefulness in this specific case. Thus, in addition to wasting public money, it damages the future use of this drug “.

Antibiotic resistance: the opinions of the experts

For Professor D’Andrea, plastic surgeon, the antibiotic “should be used only in pre-operative prophylaxis and its use should be minimized, preferring, as an alternative, anti-microbials”. In fact, the scientific results relating to an innovative formulation based on were presented Rigenase e poliesanide which does not develop bio-resistance. The study conducted on 50 patients showed that the application of Rigenase on the surface of the lesion, is able to generate a humid microenvironment necessary for faster re-epithelialization. At the same time, the presence of polyhexanide allows the control of the microbial population. This synergy ensures that healing proceeds without alterations, resulting in a reduction in the pain complained of by patients and, at the same time, better aesthetic results.

Professor Worlddermatologist recommended a “correct and responsible” use of antibiotics, involving general practitioners.

In the end, Ugo Tramaresponsible Medication policy from the Campania Regionemphasized a recent study published by the “European Center for Disease Prevention and Control“, From which it emerges that Italy ranks among the last countries in Europe for the prevalence of infections related tohealth care (Ica). To deal with this phenomenon, an extraordinary training plan has been envisaged to increase the knowledge of health personnel on the management of nosocomial infections.

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