Antitrust to Draghi: “Suspend the procurement code”. Carry out great works

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Antitrust to Draghi: “Suspend the procurement code”. Carry out great works

The Draghi government is engaged on several fronts in this delicate phase, on the one hand there is the Coronavirus emergency with all the health consequences and the vaccination campaign to be speeded up and optimized as much as possible. On the other hand, there is the question of the effects of the pandemic, with the severe economic crisis underway. To address this aspect, all efforts are focused on the Recovery Fund. An assist to the premier arrived yesterday from the Antitrust Authority. The proposal – reads the Giornale – is to suspend the procurement code, resorting only to European directives for awards.

This is not only because many believe that delays in public initiatives are almost always found more at the level of technical planning than at the level of procurement processing, but also because one of the threats that accompany this cascade of public spending is precisely the possibility the relations, already not very clear now, multiply between the political class and the economic system. It is therefore essential to simplify each procedure as much as possible, given that complexity only works in favor of the bad guys. Above all, it is urgent to make every procurement as transparent as possible, so that citizens and the media can know how every single euro is spent. The ball now passes to Parliament, which will have to decide whether or not to follow up on the invitation of the Antitrust.

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