Antonella Boralevi, the tour for her latest book starts tonight from Noci: “I envy you calmness to you Apulians”

twelve o’clock, July 18, 2021 – 11:54 am

Seven stages are planned to present “All the sun that exists” (La Nave di Teseo). The writer: “It’s a historical novel set in the times of fascism”

of Francesco Mazzotta

BARI – “I am fascinated by the calm of the Apulians,” says Antonella Boralevi, who grew up in a family of Tuscan notables. And he confesses that he should take an example. “It would help me to be less reckless,” explains the popular Florentine writer and journalist, whom the general public knows as a brilliant commentator and television anchorwoman. Characteristic signs: determination, will, elegance. Qualities that impose a parallel with Octavia, the protagonist of her recent historical novel All the sun there is (La Nave di Teseo) set on the Tuscan hills, between Mussolini’s Italy and the postwar period. Book that tonight (9 pm) the author presents in Noci for the review “Chiostri, Inchiostri e Claustri”, the first stage of a regional tour that will continue in Foggia (tomorrow), Rutigliano (Tuesday), Castellana Grotte (Wednesday), Brindisi (Friday), Otranto (Saturday) and Leuca (Sunday 25 July).

Boralevi, who is Octavia?

«The sunny daughter of a rich Tuscan family. The father, a Don Juan, is the mayor of San Miniato and a respectable fascist, the mother a submissive woman who will discover herself a lioness. Octavia, who is fourteen and has a somewhat hostile sister, has the house maid as her best friend. Not only. He plays tennis with a Jewish girl and the cobbler’s son. It is the emblem of the Valiani, an aristocratic family different in the Italy of the racial laws, a country that is entering the war ».

How does Octavia resemble her?

“Like her, I’ve always thrown myself into things, even with a little recklessness. And that’s why I love Puglia ».

Why are the Apulians a little unconscious?

“In reverse. I envy the calm with which they deal with things. I’ve been going to Lecce for some time and an old friendship with the Royal family binds me to the city. For some years I have discovered the deepest Salento. And I was struck by the tranquility with which people face everything ».

They define Lecce as the Florence of the South.

«And it is in terms of absolute beauty: but Florence is the Renaissance, Lecce the Baroque, with that crazy historic center. I also find Bari and its wonderful waterfront beautiful: a great reality of the South with the air of an international city. But all of Puglia is splendid, a land of culture and nature ».

How autobiographical is there in this novel?

“I didn’t want to tell my story. My father and mother came from two large families from Pisa and Pistoia. But from my childhood I brought only a few memories: the care of the housekeeper, Isotta Fraschini parked in the garage, the songs, the dances… In short, the atmosphere of a world I know well ».

A world within a piece of our country’s history.

«It was the pretext to tell the emotions of life. This novel is a whirlwind: there are vengeance and passion, admiration and envy, betrayal and fidelity. I painted a fresco where truths become lies and lies truths, in a world where the wrong men can suddenly turn out to be right. But also the exact opposite ».

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