Anupama | Anupama’s baby adopted by officials; Brought to Kerala

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Bengaluru, First Published Nov 20, 2021, 9:42 PM IST

Thiruvananthapuram: Anupama’s baby was adopted by officials from Kerala in the incident where the baby was adopted without the mother’s knowledge. The baby is being brought to Kerala. When the child reaches Thiruvananthapuram, the District Child Protection Officer is in charge of the protection.

Samples will be collected soon for DNA testing of Anupama, Ajith and the baby. The results will be available at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Biotechnology, which will conduct DNA testing in two days. If the result is positive, the Child Welfare Committee will proceed with the release of the baby.

The Child Welfare Committee had on Thursday ordered that the baby be brought to Kerala within five days. Thiruvananthapuram Crime Branch DySP is in charge of protection. Andhra Pradesh Police will also provide security to officers from Kerala.

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Meanwhile, Anupama had lodged a complaint with the Child Rights Commission and the Director, Women and Child Development, expressing concern over the commissioning of the Child Welfare Committee itself to bring the child back. The police, the Child Welfare Committee and the Child Welfare Committee did him justice. In her complaint, Anupama had demanded that adequate care be taken to ensure the safety of the baby and to bring her baby back.

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On October 14, Asianet News reported that the baby had been adopted without the mother’s knowledge. Subsequent News Hour discussions followed, with the news coming out one by one with evidence of the failings of the police, the Child Welfare Committee and the Child Welfare Committee. Government intervention to stop adoption proceedings. The Child Welfare Committee ignored Anupama’s complaint and finally issued an order to repatriate the baby within five days.

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