‘Anupetta, how many rupees will it cost you if Padma or Pati breaks?’

‘Anupetta, how many rupees will you get if you break Padma’ is the question of heroine Surabhi Lakshmi to Anup Menon, the hero, director and producer of the film ‘Padma’. Anup Menon and Surabhi Lakshmi came up with an interesting video to announce the release date of the movie.

Anoop Menon’s answer to Surabhi’s tricky question was also interesting. “Except for the bed, everything made from the movie will go.”

Padma is the first film produced by actor and director Anoop Menon. Produced under the banner of Anoop Menon Stories, the film stars Anoop Menon, Surabhi Lakshmi, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Marina Michael and others. Story, Screenplay, Dialogue by Anoop Menon. The film will hit the theaters on July 15


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