Anyone can see the test of the Netanyahu government’s actions Lieberman

Anyone can see the test of the Netanyahu government’s actions  Lieberman

These days we conclude 100 days to the sixth Netanyahu government. A government that promised it would come to govern, strengthen security, sign peace agreements, lower the cost of living, fight crime in the Arab sector and promote right-wing economic and security policies. On the security side, since the establishment of the government, over 100 rockets have been fired at Israel from the north and the south, dozens of attacks and attempted attacks, including 18 killed and dozens injured, shooting from the Gaza Strip, shooting from Lebanon, shooting from Syria and a complete loss of Israeli deterrence. Zero deterrence and zero governance, which endangers the security of the citizens of the State of Israel.

Violence against women is increasing, and the result is very difficult – eight women have been brutally murdered just since the beginning of the year. They also promised governance and a war on crime, but at the same time we see in the Arab sector an almost two-fold jump in the number of murders from the corresponding period, as of March 2022.

On the economic side, the State of Israel is moving towards a crisis not seen in years. The government’s struggle to promote changes in the legal system, the whole purpose of which is to save Netanyahu and Deri from their legal complications, leads to damage to the Israeli economy, which was among the strongest and most stable in the world. Instead of continuing the steps I started as Minister of Finance, steps that included promoting far-reaching reforms that would benefit the citizens of Israel, including lowering regulation, increasing competition, encouraging high-tech and lowering the cost of living – the Israeli government decided to promote huge sums in the state budget that would deepen the gaps in Israeli society. Billions will go to educational institutions that do not teach Liva studies, and billions to Abrakhs and yeshiva students who do not share in the economic and security burden. At the same time, the government is cutting back on the plan to protect the north.

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Instead of promoting laws that would strengthen governance and security, such as the application of Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, which only recently experienced severe attacks, the Netanyahu government voted against the bill we promoted on the subject. Instead of promoting our legislation that took care of the protection fees that are taking over the state, instead of promoting Liva studies in order to reduce gaps and allow the ultra-Orthodox sector to integrate into society and the job market, the government is dealing with the gift law for the Netanyahu family, the Israelite Law, Deri Laws 1 and 2 and the Hametz Law. These The things that interest the sixth Netanyahu government.

It is important to say that there can be a different government here, a government that works for the public, a government that prioritizes those who serve in the IDF, make reserves, work and pay taxes. In the 100 days of the previous government, which was much more complex in terms of its structure, we acted sincerely For the sake of the public. We passed a two-year state budget after years of stagnation, a budget rich in far-reaching reforms that led the Israeli economy during a global crisis to become one of the strongest in the world, with a stable shekel and a zero deficit. We promoted programs that had been stalled for years, including the “one soul” reform for the disabled “To.

We doubled the salaries of the soldiers, included in the base of the budget the “Dimensions for Studies” scholarship for soldiers, budgeted the program for the defense of the north, and allocated a quarter of a billion shekels for the defense of Ashkelon. In addition, we allocated NIS 150 million to a program to eradicate domestic violence, promoted a national program to prevent crime in the Arab sector, invested NIS 2 billion in the health system, raised the wages of social workers and increased the budget for the absorption of immigrants.

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In the economy, we promoted a national plan to reduce regulation, open the electricity market to private companies, privatize ports and the Israel Post Office, reform agriculture, “zero duty” import reform, awarding credit points to working parents, subsidizing after-school hours and doubling work grants. We responded strongly and immediately to every missile fired at the surrounding settlements. We strengthened international ties, tightened the connection with our ally the USA – and the sheet is short of capacity.

But quite a few people ask themselves how it is possible that within three months everything has changed, deterrence has been lost, the economy has been damaged and national resilience is at an unprecedented low. But despite the difficult situation we have reached, I turn to you, citizens of Israel, and say – do not raise your hands. The bluff of the “right-wing” government has been exposed, and the test of actions and the result can be seen by anyone. The difference between the governments is clear. We were elected to fight for the state, we will continue to fight day and night in the Knesset and on the streets together with you, to return the State of Israel to the right hands. Israel is our home and we will win.

The writer is the chairman of the Yisrael Beitenu party


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