Aosta, disco evening without masks: local center fine

The owner warned against organizing other events without authorization

A local in the historic center of Aosta was fined by the Aosta Police Headquarters for organizing a disco evening without having the necessary authorizations. The manager was also sanctioned for the violation of the provisions against contagion from Sars-Cov-2 for the non-use of masks by the dozens of young patrons who participated in the evening and for not respecting the rules on personal distancing.

The violation was found in recent days as part of the checks that the police are carrying out on the territory on the anti Covid-19 rules.

Given the two violations, the manager was warned against organizing other similar events, “seriously compromising not only public order and safety but also the health of the Aosta Valley community in times of pandemic”, under penalty of suspension and possible revocation of the license.

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