Apartment for rent from IKEA – at $ 1 per month

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Living in a shoebox: IKEA enters the real estate field with a unique and … particularly compact project. The Swedish furniture giant offers for rent in Tokyo, Japan, a small, furnished and equipped apartment, at a very affordable price. How small? Only about 10 square meters, which is less than the area of ​​a room Sleep in a normal apartment.However, the happy tenants, and hopefully the compact ones themselves, will have to part with only 99 yen a month, which is about 87 US cents or 2.77 shekels.So low rent, not worth it?

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Well, there are also lowercase letters. The apartment, located in the crowded and lively Shinjuku district, is furnished, but only with IKEA products – and its design can not be changed (so forget about bringing your favorite vase from the previous house). Also, tenants must be aged 20 and over, and those interested should apply by December 3rd, so you should hurry.

The tenants will pay their electricity and water bills, which will probably cost more than the rent itself, and the contract will be valid for one year only, until January 15, 2023. True, this is definitely a marketing gimmick, but the property is really offered for rent, so it’s not a deception or any other piece .

“One of the keys to a comfortable residential apartment is to make good use of the vertical space,” IKEA noted in the apartment description. “This is how new possibilities can be opened up in a limited area.” In other words, do not be surprised if your bed is above the front door, because that is exactly where it is. But do not believe our description, IKEA has produced for the venture an entertaining commercial video, and some would say a little disturbing, starring an emotional-something “real shark”, who is impressed by the apartment and bursts into singing and dancing in the city streets and the chain branch. Do not forget to invite us Maximum will be crowded.

size does not matter?, Photo: Screen, from YouTube
The bed above the front door, Photo: Screen, from YouTube

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