Apmarr on rheumatoid arthritis ‘central doctor-patient dialogue for treatment’

“If you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, having a dialogue with your rheumatologist is essential, because in this way the pathology will be better treated: specialist and patient follow the progress of the chronic pathology, but above all the patient has the opportunity to be an active protagonist personal care and, consequently, to manage your condition together with your doctor throughout your life. life quality”. Thus Antonella Celano, president of the National Association of People with Rheumatological and Rare Diseases (Apmarr), regarding the awareness campaign on rheumatoid arthritis, promoted by AbbVie with the patronage of the National Association of Rheumatic Diseases (Anmar) and Apmarr itself.

“The patient who knows his own pathology – says Celano – speaks to the doctor openly about his condition that he certainly copes better: all this allows the person with rheumatoid arthritis to live an almost normal life, also thanks to drugs, despite the pathology. it is absolutely necessary to work on doctor-patient communication and the ‘Speak louder than your Ar’ campaign aims to do just that. ” Before arriving at a certain diagnosis, Celano reports “the patient has already come a long way. When he finally arrives at an adequate treatment – he underlines – what he would like is to be able to live a quality life. a social life, enjoying the family, being with friends as he did before the onset of symptoms which then led to a diagnosis, sometimes inauspicious “.

For the rheumatologist “it is important to achieve maximum results for the patient – concludes Celano – that is, clinical remission. Achieving this goal means for the patient to go back to managing their own times, to live a normal life. So this goal is pursued by Both. For patients, remission means being able to live a quality life as if free from pathology, but above all it means regaining possession of the carefree, of one’s own times, of a working and social life as if the disease had never existed. there is but is in remission and the patient can certainly deal with it better “.


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