Apocalypse of fire in Sardinia

by time news

Time.news – The Oristano still burns after a night of fire and fear, due to the fires that broke out on Saturday evening in the Montiferru woods and in the countryside around Grighine. More than a thousand people are forced to leave their homes and over 11 thousand hectares of woods, pastures and Mediterranean scrub in smoke. The Sardinian regional council, urgently convened in the evening by the president Christian Solinashe stated state of emergency. While from Rome, the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, he made it known that he was constantly following the evolution of the situation and expressed his full solidarity with all the affected population and his support for those who are relentlessly doing their best to help.

During the night, the teams on the ground continued with the extinguishing operations of the great fire that has been burning the Montiferru, the Planargia and the Marghine. At dusk the helicopters and planes left the skies of the Oristano Canadair, including the first two aircraft from Corsica. In these hours the fires are particularly affecting the town of Scano Montiferror, surrounded by flames and with a few dozen displaced persons; the area of sagama and the one near the mountain village of San Leonardo, in the territory of Weather in Santu Lussurgiu, in addition to the seaside village of Porto Alabe on the coast of Tresnuraghes, where a residential settlement had been evacuated this morning. In the evening it was learned that in Porto Alabe the flames would be under control and many vacationers returned to their villas.

The Civil Protection has asked the EU for the support of aircraft to cope with the emergency. Thanks to the activation of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, 2 Canadair arrived from France, with a crew of 10 pilots and 15 technicians, who will be based in Alghero. Two more will arrive on Monday, said the undersecretary of the interior, Carlo Sibilia,

A Bosa about 150 people, mostly elderly and children, are hosted in the camp set up by the local committee of the Red Cross. Many residents of China have also had to leave their homes Cuglieri and Sennariolo, evacuated in the middle of the night, when the flames of the great fire that has been burning the Montiferru and Planargia for the past 24 hours, reached the two inhabited centers.

The intervention of the men and means of the army was asked by the mayor of Macomer, Antonio Onorato Succu, to the prefect of Nuoro, Luca Rotondi, to stop the great fire that has burned the Montiferru and Planargia since yesterday and now threatens the Marghine . The sappers regiment of the Sassari Brigade is stationed in Macomer.

At the moment, in the town of Marghine, work is being done to prevent the fire from the Scano Montiferro area, driven by the libeccio wind, reaching the wooded and more exposed area of ​​Mount Sant’Antonio. The flames are almost at the height of the Montiferru farmhouse and proceed in the direction of the territory of Macomer.

To try to block the path, a dozen volunteers from Macomer’s Ecoclub are working in Badde Cuada, where they are wetting the ground: the goal is create a wide protection band. The Mayor Succu also asked for the intervention of the Civil Protection planes, at the moment however, engaged on Seneghe and Scano Montiferro, and already from today morning he activated the Coc, Municipal Operational Center, after having spread the invitation to the owners of abandon the land and buildings on the outskirts of the town of Marghine.

Citizens also evacuated a Scano. The Municipality has arranged for them to be housed in the premises of the Youth Center, an isolated structure that is currently safe from the front of the fire. TO Siamanna the evacuees were welcomed in the municipal gymnasium and in the parish hall.

The flames, favored by the scorching heat, even if malice cannot be excluded, have reached the territories of Tresnuraghes and continue in the direction of Montresta, after having descended from the valleys of Scano Montiferro. A Weather in Santu Lussurgiu an entire town was besieged by the stake with houses evacuated with dozens of people forced to abandon their homes. “A disaster, a sadness, what we are experiencing,” commented the mayor Diego Law.

The evacuation of a tourist agglomeration in the marina of Porto Alabe, on the coast of the Municipality of Tresnuraghes, was ordered this morning by the mayor Gian Luigi Mastinu.

On the other front, the fire defense continues in the area of Villaurbana. We try to prevent the other big fire, which started on Saturday between Usellus and Villa Verde can devastate the mountain Grighine. The commitment of the rescuers relentlessly. Since dawn the Canadair have been operating in the shutdown. Hundreds of firefighters continue to work and have worked all night. The advance of the flames caused enormous damage. Especially in the countryside, where destroyed farms and many dead cattle are reported.

The Sardinia Region with its president Christian Solinas asks the Draghi government for immediate economic support even if it is not yet possible to estimate the damage. “This is an unprecedented disaster. Ten thousand hectares of vegetation destroyed, businesses and houses burned, livestock killed. The region’s machine – says Solinas – is fully mobilized: 7,500 men, 20 aircraft (7 Canadair and 13 helicopters) are busy relentlessly to face a dramatic moment for the whole of Sardinia “.

The situation of the fires also in Salento, after the fire of vast proportions that in recent days, for about 48 hours, has kept personnel of the firefighters, civil protection and Arif and Canadair aircraft engaged in Otranto, in the locality of Alimini. Even today there are numerous fires that have broken out in various areas of the province of Lecce. All the teams of the fire brigade of the provincial command and detachments are engaged non-stop.


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