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On March 9, the government approved a draft resolution simplifying the procedures for adopting its own regulatory legal acts, as well as developing and registering acts of federal authorities. Experience in applying the “special procedure” for working with draft documents, as explained to Kommersant in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Grigorenko, already exists – “similar work was carried out in the preparation of acts aimed at combating the coronavirus, and it proved its effectiveness.”

So, they say in the office of the Deputy Prime Minister, for draft regulatory legal acts that are being prepared in pursuance of the decisions of the government commission on improving the stability of the economy in the face of sanctions, its subcommittees and the head of the government apparatus, some of the requirements for accompanying materials, interdepartmental approvals, as well as obtaining various kinds of conclusions. In addition, the term for state registration of departmental acts by the Ministry of Justice is reduced from 20 to 5 working days.

It should be noted that earlier Dmitry Grigorenko already instructed the departments to develop documents in an extremely short time – for example, submit draft documents to the government within 24 hours “from the moment they receive the relevant instructions” and, in general, limit the entire cycle of work with anti-sanctions documents up to submission for signature within days ( see Kommersant of March 1). The adopted regulatory changes are in fact also a regulatory mechanism for meeting such deadlines.

Evgenia Kryuchkova


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