Apple accelerates the development of its first mixed reality glasses

Apple accelerates the development of its first mixed reality glasses

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Updated:05/22/2022 03:52h


Meta is not the only technology that is working on the development of viewers of Virtual reality y Augmented reality. According to analysts, Apple, a company that has been working on the development of this technology for years, could present its first glasses of this type before the end of this year. According to ‘Bloomberg’, recently the company’s board of directors has had the opportunity to test a unit of this ‘gadget’, with which, it is expected, the company will open a new line of devices It will get fatter in the coming years.

According to this medium, the viewer, which is expected to be mixed reality -so it will combine VR and AR functionalities- will have a new operating system called rOS which would already be in a very advanced stage of development.

“That progress, along with the presentation to the board, suggests that the debut of the product could take place in the coming months,” says the US media.

According to the information that has been shared lately, especially since Meta redoubled its bet on the creation of the new virtual world called metaverse, Apple should present its new device between late 2022 and early 2023. We’ll see if taking advantage of one of its traditional keynotes -it is usual to make two during the fall- or in a separate event in which the viewer received all the attention. Indeed, this viewer would open the way to Augmented Reality glasses that would arrive, predictably, before 2025.

What do we think we know about glasses?

According to the leaks that we have been receiving so far, the first glasses will have a high resolution and will work completely independently: it will not be necessary to connect them to any ‘gadget’ of the apple firm to use them. In addition, they would incorporate self-made chips. It will be necessary to see if the M1 that mount the most recent Mac computers and some iPad or a new version of it.

Regarding the price, it is not expected to be within the reach of all pockets. According to analysts, it could be around 2,000 euros, well above the Meta Quest 2 glasses from Zuckerberg’s company. Be that as it may, everything indicates that Apple’s commitment to this new technology, which will be key for the metaverse to crystallize, is strong.

Regarding the new virtual world, Tim Cook himself, CEO of Apple, shared a few months ago that the company “sees a lot of power” and that it is “investing accordingly.” Meanwhile, professional companies creating platforms for VR are rubbing their hands thinking about what may happen to the metaverse at the time the apple firm launches its first glasses. And it is that, although Apple did not invent the ‘smartphone’, the tablet, the ‘smartwatch’ or wireless headphones, there is no doubt that no company has its push when it comes to democratizing new technologies.

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