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The American company Apple discovered vulnerabilities that allowed it to gain control over most of its devices bypassing user actions. She had a September 13 update announcement aimed at fixing system weaknesses.

This update is offered for iPhone 6 and later phones, as well as all of the company’s tablets. The first vulnerability allows malicious code to run when processing infected PDF files without any user action. The second is that the processing of “certain content” with WebKit’s web navigation tool could also trigger such code to run.

The vulnerability in working with PDF files was discovered thanks to the research group The Citizen Lab, which specializes in cybersecurity research at the University of Toronto in Canada. According to experts, this very vulnerability was used by the Israeli company NSO Group when creating the Pegasus spyware.

As The Citizen Lab clarifies, the vulnerability made it possible to gain control over both phones and tablets and Apple computers running on the MacOs operating system. Pegasus-based programs gave complete control over devices. The vulnerability has been known to hackers since February 2021 and from that time could be used for their purposes, the researchers specified.

On August 25, the administration of US President Joe Biden announced its intention to work with private companies to develop a plan aimed at protecting technological developments from hacker attacks.

Companies such as Microsoft and Google have expressed support for the initiative. In addition, these organizations, as well as Apple, Amazon and IMB, spoke about their own proposals to address cyber threats.

On July 15, the State Department announced its readiness to offer up to $ 10 million for information that would identify individuals involved in cyberattacks against the country’s critical infrastructure and acting at the direction of foreign governments.

In June, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, discussing the country’s foreign policy with members of Congress, said that the White House was working to create an international coalition to hold accountable countries harboring hackers.

On September 14, a presentation of new Apple products will take place. We are talking about four new iPhones, the first high-performance MacBook Pro computers, iPads, and Apple Watch with wider screens. The event will take place online and will be broadcast on the Apple website.


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