Apple has closed user data from advertisers

The new version of the iOS operating system (14.5) allows you to prohibit data tracking in mobile applications for the purpose of personalizing ads. Apple announced its intention to “improve privacy functions” in this way back in June 2020. Changes also affected IDFA (The Identifier for Advertisers), a unique number that allows you to target advertising campaigns on mobile devices and measure their results. Until now, mobile apps in iOS provided access to IDFA by default, now you need to ask for user permission.

There are now more than 1 billion iPhone owners worldwide, and Apple calls their privacy rights “fundamental.” This audience is more solvent than users of devices with the Android operating system, says Irina Kozlova, Managing Director of the Performics agency. “According to our data, about 40% of mobile advertising budgets are directed specifically to the owners of Apple technology,” she estimates. Therefore, even having lost the bulk of user information, advertisers will not refuse to place ads on iOS devices.



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