Apple is developing xrOS to power the next ecosystem of devices

With 2022 ending on a somewhat muted note with just one fall event, all eyes are on 2023. But the new Macs, iPads, and iPhones may not be the star of 2023. Instead, a new report suggests that Apple is preparing for a whole new ecosystem. According to what was mentioned by macworld.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is “stepping up work on a mixed reality headset” that’s finally set to launch in the new year. Along with the hardware that has managed to avoid major leaks so far, Apple is working on a new custom operating system called xrOS, as well as an xrOS app store for third-party software. And just like iOS and macOS, the new name indicates that the platform is a key component of the headset.

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Bloomberg previously reported that Apple’s operating system is being developed under the name realityOS, but the new xrOS branding indicates that Apple has bigger plans for the ecosystem. Bloomberg notes that “xr” stands for extended reality, which includes both virtual and augmented reality devices and apps, such as iOS and macOS. xrOS can potentially form a complete hardware platform with features that complement each other and complement other Apple devices.

One of the xrOS devices will certainly be a headset — or maybe two if Apple continues to separate its products into Pro and non-Pro models — but another could be a device that’s a bit smaller, more personal, and in patent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Self-mixing interferometry-based input device” or Apple Ring As observed by Patently Apple Apple describes the system as “an SMI-based gesture input system including at least one wearable or handheld device.”

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