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The new MacBooks from Apple have a new design, a super sharp screen and the fastest chips in notebook history. And yet it is the supposedly small changes that will be discussed on the Internet after the Apple presentation on Monday evening.

Because Apple has shown that you are ready to learn from past mistakes. Some radical changes had repeatedly caused displeasure among users in recent years. Now Apple is turning the wheel back a good bit.

In its new MacBook Pro models, the company is foregoing an element that was introduced five years ago as one of the outstanding innovations: the touchbar.

This touchscreen strip above the keyboard had replaced the familiar function keys at the time. But many users hardly ever used the bar with the changing symbols and were more irritated than enthusiastic. So Apple drew the consequences – and is now making a comeback of the function keys on the MacBook Pro.

You’re back: MagSafe charging port, memory card reader and HDMI socket

Photo: Apple

Apple also radically changed the connections of its professional notebook with the 2016 model. The classic USB connection, the socket for an HDMI plug and the built-in SD memory card reader were over. From then on, Apple relied on USB-C, forcing users to buy various adapters.

Even the popular MagSafe magnetic charging connector has been replaced by USB-C – much to the chagrin of all MacBook owners, who appreciated that this connector could easily come off if you accidentally get tangled in the charging cable.

So suddenly less was more. Even the previously common microfiber cloth was no longer in the MacBook Pro’s box.

With the new MacBook Pro models, Apple is now bringing back the MagSafe charging connection, and HDMI plugs and SD memory cards have also found their place again. Apparently, Cupertino listened to user criticism.

So is everything all right again in the end? Not quite. The microfiber cloth is still missing in the scope of delivery. After all: Apple sold now a polishing cloth for the display as an accessory. Price: 25 euros. Customers have to wait for a free cleaning cloth.



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