Apple makes iPhones safer with the new iOS

Apple makes iPhones safer with the new iOS
Apple announced the launch of a new version of iOS systems, which gave its phones many important features.

According to Apple, the version of iOS 16.3 now supports the features of “physical security keys” that give phones greater protection against electronic phishing attacks, and protect the data of those devices from being accessed by third parties.

With this version of the system, iPhones got iCloud backup encryption, and I also got greater protection for note data and photos.

The new system supports the second generation of HomePod devices, and facilitates the “SOS” emergency call feature, as the user can now press the main power button and one of the volume control buttons simultaneously to call for help in emergency situations.

And with the new iOS, many errors and problems that iPhone users suffered from, such as the screen sensitivity problem of the smart pen, and the lock screen problem in phones, were corrected, and the technical problem that led to the appearance of horizontal lines in the screens of the iPhone 14 Pro Max during sleep mode was also fixed. (Russia Today)


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