Apple Mixed Reality Headset, the first MR glasses from the famous brand like Apple.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset, the first MR glasses from the famous brand like Apple.

Apple developed MR glasses, which stands for mixed reality. or hybrid reality) for some time, it has introduced technology that combines Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) midway between augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) contains digital content. (Computer-generated data such as 3D models, scenes, or objects) is superimposed on the real world and interacts with the user’s environment in real time.

Therefore, to interact in MR, semi-transparent glasses or MR headsets equipped with cameras are used. According to reports, Apple has partnered with Hollywood directors to develop the Apple Mixed Reality Headset, and Apple will unveil the device at a special event possibly held during the period. early next year

According to a post shared on Twitter by well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could begin testing the Apple Mixed Reality Headset EVT around Q3 2022.

Expect a preview clip to follow at the event that will be held in January 2023, then Apple may take two. Up to four weeks to deliver the development kits, Ming-Chi Kuo suspects shipments of this Apple Mixed Reality Headset may be delayed to Q2 2023 because of delayed shipments. due to lockdown in shanghai

Cupertino is expected to open reservations for these Apple Mixed Reality Headsets during the same period. Finally, we’ll get to see the Apple Mixed Reality Headset, Apple’s first to bring MR technology to life, and it’s expected to be available before WWDC 2023.

Past reports indicate that Apple can develop apps. And Apple’s new services powered by VR and AR may also be working to create a new platform for developers. Apple could also launch a new version of SwiftUI for developers to create AR and VR apps. The operating system is expected to be called realityOS. as previously mentioned

Apple may partner with Hollywood directors such as Jon Favreau to create the Apple Mixed Reality Headset for the Prehistoric Planet series on Apple TV+. The Apple Mixed Reality Headset is expected to cost around $2,000.

It is believed that Apple may have replaced the iPhone with MR technology in the past decade.



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