Apple has released a new beta version of AirPods firmware. Developers confirm through firmware coding that AirPods Max will provide higher-quality Bluetooth codec capabilities in the future. What can be confirmed at present is that it can at least improve the voice call quality of AirPods Max. . In addition, in this beta firmware, the possible future functions of AirPods Pro 2 can also be previewed.

Twitter user George noted in a post that he enabled the LC3 audio encoder for the AirPods Max through a beta firmware.

What is the LC3 audio encoder, this is the low-power, high-quality audio encoder of the future of Bluetooth, and this technology will soon be implemented in headphone products. LC3 ensures that a certain level of sound quality is maintained, while reducing the computational demands of the device.

However, although the LC3 encoder can improve the call quality, efficiency, and stability of Bluetooth devices, if you want to make full use of this standard, you need to be equipped with a Bluetooth 5.2 protocol device, but the current AirPods device only supports Bluetooth 5.0. This could mean that Apple will be preparing to launch the next generation of AirPods, most likely the AirPods Pro 2.

According to “9to5mac” citing sources, the internal code of the next-generation AirPods Pro 2 is B698, which will be equipped with a new generation of H1 chips, and the new headphones are likely to support Bluetooth 5.2 specifications.

What are the benefits of AirPods with Bluetooth 5.2 specification and support for LC3 encoder? In addition to the above-mentioned improvements in battery life, efficiency and stability, it also allows Apple to get rid of the problem of the two AirPods being out of sync.

(Source of the first image: Apple)

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