Apple storms the cinema with a billion dollars: these are the films that will be released

Apple storms the cinema with a billion dollars: these are the films that will be released

Dua Lipa and Joaquin Phoenix (photo from Instagram)

Aside from the critically acclaimed Coda, Apple TV Plus hasn’t really become as synonymous with blockbuster movies as the company clearly aspires to be. But instead of simply acquiring the distribution rights to more promising projects, Apple’s next step to raise the profile of its streaming platform is to try to bring moviegoers to theaters for its movies.

Bloomberg reports yesterday (Thursday) that Apple plans to spend a billion dollars every year to produce additional original films that will be released in thousands of theaters for at least a month – a move designed to accustom the audience to think of Apple as a serious player in the world of cinema. Although no plans have been finalized or announced yet, Apple — which is relatively new to the business of releasing its projects in theaters — has been in talks with other studios about partnerships designed to ease the logistical process.

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According to reports, Matthew Vaughn’s thriller Argylle, starring Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill, and Ridley Scott’s historical drama Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix, are considered the first wave of Apple works to be shown for at least a month in theaters.

However, with all due respect to the move, it is unclear how successful Apple movies will lead viewers to sign up for Apple TV Plus.

The big competitor Amazon also recently announced its intention to invest a billion dollars every year in movies released in theaters. The reports come as streaming services are re-examining their content spending in an effort to increase profitability, and rival Netflix has signaled it may not be ready to enter theaters.

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